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Sticky Wifi

Sticky Wifi is an issue that seems to plague any network administrator that manages a wireless network with more then one AP, the issue is that the client device does not go out and check for better signal access points. It stays connected to the same AP basically until it can’t see it anymore.
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BeagleBone Black “Hello World”

Kristin and the boys left to get haircuts, this left Emily and I to our own devices. We decided we woudn’t waste our free time and bust out one of the Beagle Bone Blacks I bought awhile ago and hook up some Xbees. So I got my breakout boards and the xbees and my horror when I saw the xbees were to be soldered to the breakout board. I wasn’t about to do that, so we found the pins and have them coming from Spark Fun, so that project will wait for another day.
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